1. I’ve been exploring the desert slot canyons of Zion’s and Moab, UT for years. But this time I needed change of scenery and I thought the jungles of Mexico would be the perfect getaway from the arid climate of my native Utah. We loaded up my truck and drove 37 straight hours to Matacanes canyon, Monterrey, Mexico.

    With 2 great waterfall rappels and 26 cliff jumps (I actually got tired of jumping into clear blue beautiful water) it was the exact kind of canyon I needed. The highlight was the caves of Matacanes.

    Huge rooms narrowed to a small tunnel that you have to jump into completely blind.  The tunnel itself had only a few feet of clearance over our head as we floated through.  I was actually happy to see the light at end of the tunnel. It was incredible! The picture is of us at the end of the tunnel.

    - Eric

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