1. Changing it up from the desert slot canyons in Utah to going Jungle style in Mexico.   One of the finest canyons I have ever done.   The middle pic is the end of 100 yard cave/tunnel that you float through…amazing but a little scary cause you can’t see the end opening. The other 2 photos are a part of 325 ft, two sectioned, waterfall…..the reason why we came to Mexico.

    Necessary gear I had or wish I had:  

    • ·         Sterling Canyon C-IV 9mm; for the long and wet canyons.
    • ·         Petzl Pirana; for the fun and fast but also controlled raps.
    • ·         Black Diamond Vector Helmet; yea we didn’t bring helmets…idiots.
    • ·         Metolius PAS; making the rappel transitions easier.
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