1. Pieps DSP vs Pieps DSP Tour

    You can see that Pieps makes the most advanced avalanche beacons in the world. Not only is a beacon a necessary life saving device, but it looks fashionable with my new cardigan. What’s the difference between the Pieps DSP and Pieps Tour? Let’s start with the similarities.

    The important similarities:

    • 3 antennas for exact pinpointing
    • Shows both direction and distance automatically
    • Outstanding digital range
    • iProbe Support
    • Self-checks the transmitting frequency and hardware components
    • 50 meter search strip width
    • Mark function for multiple burials
    • Updatable software

    Pieps DSP has additional features that make it worth the extra dough:

    • Frequency checker for testing partners’ beacon signals
    • Unique self-check with a fourth antenna
    • Multiple burial Scan
    • Able to search for the Pieps TX600 transmitter (perfect for your dog, snowmobile, or stached gear)

    For more in-depth specs see:

    Pieps DSP

    Pieps DSP Tour