1. Pieps DSP vs Pieps DSP Tour

    You can see that Pieps makes the most advanced avalanche beacons in the world. Not only is a beacon a necessary life saving device, but it looks fashionable with my new cardigan. What’s the difference between the Pieps DSP and Pieps Tour? Let’s start with the similarities.

    The important similarities:

    • 3 antennas for exact pinpointing
    • Shows both direction and distance automatically
    • Outstanding digital range
    • iProbe Support
    • Self-checks the transmitting frequency and hardware components
    • 50 meter search strip width
    • Mark function for multiple burials
    • Updatable software

    Pieps DSP has additional features that make it worth the extra dough:

    • Frequency checker for testing partners’ beacon signals
    • Unique self-check with a fourth antenna
    • Multiple burial Scan
    • Able to search for the Pieps TX600 transmitter (perfect for your dog, snowmobile, or stached gear)

    For more in-depth specs see:

    Pieps DSP

    Pieps DSP Tour

  2. The three modes of the Black Diamond ReVolt: Red, Blue, and Green. Just kidding. Spot, Flood, and Red for night vision.
    Unboxing our Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamps courtesy of our AWESOME Rep!

    Shout out to our AWESOME rep at Black Diamond for hooking us up with the new ReVolt! Check out the 3 modes (the brightness of the headlamp doesn’t necessarily correlate to the brightness of the individual wearing it).

  3. I was embarrassed by the amount of skin being shown, so I made it right.
    I got this really cute birthday card from my mom. I love her.
    She even signed it!
    It now hangs on my shrine to climbing wall!

    My mother, bless her heart, got me a really cute birthday card. Unfortunately it was NSFW, so I fixed it up and now it hangs on the wall by my desk.

    Baby now has his very own CAMP Armour helmet, Petzl Grigri, Metolius Mastercam #3, Sterling Evolution Velocity 9.8mm rated at 6 factor 2 falls, Black Diamond Epic 35 Pack, and a Red Chili Habanero VCR that is just his size.

  4. thechroniclingsofagearhead:

    The climbing gear corner in my room.

    It all hangs off my bed.

    It feels more at home suspended… Clearly.

    Everyone should have a corner like that!

  5. eatsleepbatheclimb:

    Girlfriend of the year. Shoutout to @infituation for the beta. ;)

    Love the ingenuity. 

    (Source: climblikeagirl)